Mathematical Sciences Honors Thesis Archives


  • Wyatt Andresen, TBD, Mentor: Holly Hirst
  • Kaitlyn Burkett, Who is Ready to Retire: Your Average Life Expectancy and the Savings Needed to Support You, Mentor: Lasanthi Watagoda
  • Hannah Bush, Observations of Snow Particle Characteristics during the 9-10 December 2018 Major Snowstorm in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, Mentor: René Salinas
  • William Dulaney, A Brief Survey of Manifolds and Vector Bundles, Mentor: William Cook
  • Catherine Lattimore, Flood in the U.S.: Restructuring the Systems for Risk Assessment and Financing, Mentor: Kevin Shirley
  • Briquelle Martin, Small Business Analysis - A Case Study, Mentor: Holly Hirst
  • Sergei Miles, Symmetry in Atonal Music, Mentor: Vicky Klima
  • Sydney Singleton, Using Recruiting Rankings and Returning Team Measurements to Predict College Football Team Success, Mentor: Ross Gosky







  • Chris Barbor, Zombie Infection with Density-Dependent Demographics, Mentor: Rene Salinas
  • William Bradley, Cross-Cultural Biases in International Clinical Trials, Mentor: Jill Thomley
  • Jenna Cantrell, Issues with Time Related to Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Life Cycle Analysis of Carbon Containing Products, Mentor: Eric Marland
  • Amy Grady, The Mathematics of Google, Mentor: Mark Ginn


  • Kristen Eure, Effective Use of Visualization Technology in Secondary Mathematics Classrooms, Mentor: Sarah Greenwald
  • Jeremiah Coleman, A Mathematical Model of Police Search Methods, Mentor: Mary Beth Searcy


  • Susannah James, Optimal Mortgage Refinance, Mentor: Kevin Shirley