Welcome! We are part of the College of Arts and Sciences at Appalachian State University. Our faculty consists of 27 tenure track and more than 15 adjunct or visiting faculty in the disciplines of actuarial science, mathematics, mathematics education, and statistics. Mathematical Sciences offices and classrooms are in Walker Hall at the west end of campus.

We offer undergraduate degrees in Actuarial Science and Mathematics. The mathematics program includes concentrations in business, computation, life sciences, physical sciences, secondary teaching, and statistics, as well as a general, self-designed concentration.

We also offer the Master of Arts Degree in Mathematics with concentrations in college teaching and secondary teaching.

The sharing of ideas and information across the mathematical disciplines makes our department a rich place to teach and learn. The success of our students in getting jobs reflects our efforts to provide our students with excellent training for today's job market, combined with a broad education for the future.

To learn more about the department, browse this site using the navigation links above, or contact one of us directly.

Congratulations to our May and August 2018 M.A. Graduates!

Photo of May and August 2018 grads

Pictured (l-r): front: Hannah Cox and Averia Padgett; back: Cescily Metzgar, Carter Murray, Dustin Roten, Stephen Graham, Briana Bentley, Faith Miller, Katie Bowman, Caleb Davis, Ben Estes, John Hall (not pictured: Russell Chamberlain, Kory Illenye)

Mathematical Sciences News

Colloquium November 30: Kimberly Shepherd, CEO Skyline/Skybest

Join us at 3 PM on November 30 in 103A Walker Hall for a career conversation, "Climbing the Corporate Ladder," with Kimberly Shepherd, CEO of Skyline/...

Colloquium November 16: Dr. Tracie Salinas, A Framework for STEM Teaching and Learning

Join us on Friday at 3 PM in 103A Walker Hall to hearDr. Tracie McLemore Salinas speak on a Framework for STEM Teaching and LeadershipThe acronym STEM...

Colloquium Friday, November 9: Ben Orlin, author of Math With Bad Drawings

Join us at 3 pm in 103A Walker Hall on Friday, November 9.Ben Orlin will present a talk entitled “Barbarians at the Gates of Science.”At the cente...

Colloquium November 2: Dr. Abby Bourdon, Wake Forest University

Join us at 3 PM on November 2 in 103A Walker for a talk by  Dr. Abbey Bourdon, of Wake Forest University.Abstract: Let E be an elliptic curve def...

Sandy Hicks named Outstanding Staff Member in the College of Arts and Sciences

Congratulations to our own Sandy Hicks, Administrative Specialist, who has received the award for outstanding staff member in the College of Arts and ...

Outstanding Seniors - May 2018

Outstanding Senior Photo

Pictured (l-r): Dr. Klima, Jacob Holman, Matthew McCaskey, Kelly Flanders, Ryan Hadenfeld, Dr. Marland (not pictured: Emily Yontz)