Math Placement in General Education Courses

Using a Math Course to Meet QL Requirements

Students should consult with their General Studies advisor when choosing a math course to meet their quantitative literacy (QL) requirement. Be honest about what you are interested in when talking to your advisor. That way you'll get the best possible advice!

  • MAT 1010 -- Introduction to Math : designed for students NOT interested in science or business as majors, minors or career emphases. It covers applications of mathematics from algebra and geometry. 
  • MAT 1020 -- College Algebra: designed for students who intend to major in a technical field other than business, math or science. This course covers linear, exponential, and power functions, right triangle trigonometry, and units and measurement -- skills needed in the technical fields. 
  • MAT 1035 -- Business Mathematics with Calculus: strictly for students who are majoring in business, covering mathematics needed in business such as the algebra functions and expressions, data fitting, and calculus, all as applied in business. 
  • MAT 1110 -- Calculus I: required for computer science, math, statistics, and most biological and physical science majors. It covers functions and calculus with an emphasis on scientific applications. Students needs to pass the Calculus readiness test or take Math 1025 before enrolling in calculus. 

Math Placement

All students who need to complete a math or math-focused ("ND") course will need to be "placed" into the appropriate level course.  

  • My Scores on SAT/ACT are SAT Math ≥ 550 or ACT Math ≥ 22:  With these scores you are eligible to register for algebra, precalculus, business math, and statistics courses, as well as "ND" courses in other areas. If you wish to enroll in MAT 1110 Calculus 1, you must also take the Calculus Readiness test.
  • My Scores on SAT/ACT are SAT Math < 550 or ACT < 22 (or I did not take the test):  You may need to provide more information about your readiness.  

Need more information?

Detailed descriptions of which courses are required for particular majors and how to place into them can be found on the Academic Advising website: