Accelerated Master’s Program

Appalachian State University mathematics majors who are interested in a master's degree can get a jump start on their graduate program through the Accelerated Master's program.

Students accepted into the Accelerated Master's program can double count up to 12 hours of graduate coursework while enrolled as seniors. All courses in which the student earns at least a B may be used to meet requirements on both the undergraduate and graduate programs of study.


Completed plus enrolled coursework totaling at least 90 hours with an overall mathematics major GPA of at least 3.3 (B+), and approval by the graduate program director.


Junior or Senior Year:

1. Meet with the graduate program director to discuss your goals and find out more about your specific situation regarding courses to take for your program, financial aid implications, and entry term information.
2. Apply to graduate school through the special online application portal:

  • A complete online application includes 3 reference contacts, an uploaded resume, and an application fee. 
  • The term of admission you choose should be the first one you plan to enroll in AFTER your undergraduate graduation is complete. For example, if you plan to finish all your undergraduate coursework (and graduate) in Spring 2023, you should complete the application for admission for Summer or Fall 2023.

3. Choose graduate coursework in consultation with your undergraduate advisor and graduate program director.

Senior Year: Complete up to 12 hours of graduate coursework that can be double counted.

Registration Information

Students accepted into the program may register without special permission through the usual registration portal in appalnet.

Students whose applications are pending should work with the graduate program director to complete a Senior Permission Form in order to enroll in graduate courses. The form is available from the School of Graduate Studies website (

Coursework Recommended During Senior Year

The program of study for the MA program includes a selection of required courses and electives. Seniors can choose to take one or more of the following required courses during their senior year.

Fall: MAT 5230 Linear Algebra (prerequisite 2240); MAT 5610 Analysis I (prerequisite 3220); STT 5810 Computational Probability; MAT 5420 Teaching Apprenticeship

Spring: MAT 5330 Mathematical Modeling; MAT 5620 Analysis II (prerequisite 5610); STT 5811 Statistical Concepts and Applications I (prerequisite 5810); MAT 5420 Teaching Apprenticeship

Other elective courses offered on demand are also possible - be sure to talk to your undergraduate advisor AND the graduate program director.

Undergraduate Prerequisite Coursework

Students should complete MAT 2130 Calculus 3, MAT 2240 Linear Algebra, and MAT 3220 Analysis as well as a statistics course (STT 3850 recommended) as part of their bachelor's degree. General familiarity with structured programming (e.g., CS 1440 or MAT 2310)  is also strongly recommended.

Want more information? 

Contact Dr. Qinn Morris, MorrisQA, 339 Walker Hall, or watch this video