Internships and Careers

Majoring in the mathematical sciences opens the door for many internships, research experiences, and career opportunities.   Math majors tend to have well-developed skills in pattern recognition, logical thinking, problem-solving, analyzing data, and creating math models that can be used to arrive at meaningful conclusions.   These math skills are essential in the in-demand fields of science, technology, and engineering.

If you are interested in learning more, read the information presented below, and be sure to let your advisor know!  They may have more information as well.

Internships and Summer Research Opportunities

Math majors are increasingly participating in internships, cooperative education, and summer programs. These programs, often paid positions, in the mathematical sciences are advertised in a variety of locations. Business and industry employers may post on the usual job boards, such as and  Several professional societies and government offices post lists:

Career Information

There are many sources of good information about careers in the mathematical sciences: