Permit request form

*Permits for MAT 1005 or STT 1805.  

Precedence for these permits are given to upperclassmen who are closer to graduating. We will asign permits in this order.  Thank you for your patience.

The form below can be used to request:

  • Assistance with pre-requisite errors
  • Assistance with registering due to reserved seating errors or capacity limits
  • Other registration errors

Please also read the following information before submitting your request:

  • Pease note: receiving a permit is not the same as registering for a class. You must register for the class after receiving the permit.
  • If you fail a course that is a prerequisite for the course you are requesting a permit for, you will lose the permit.
  • Some permits are generic and not for a specific Course CRN. Please do not provide the CRN in the request form. We do not provide permits for specific classes. It is your responsibility to find a seat.
  • Some majors require a minimum grade in certain classes in order for them to be credited towards the major requirements, please be sure to check your major requirements prior to requesting a permit. If you do not meet the prerequisites, you will not be able to register.