Math Tutor Lab

The General Math Lab, located in 103A Walker Hall, is a tutoring room open to anyone with questions from the courses listed below. The lab is funded by Academic Affairs and Student Affairs (through the Student Learning Center) and is FREE to all Appalachian students.

Spring Semester 2019 - General Math Help Lab is open starting Thursday, January 17th, 2019 - SMTWR from 5:00pm-8:00pm in 103A Walker Hall! Tutors are there to help you! FREE to Appalachian students! NOTE!! It will not be open Sunday January 20th, or Monday January 21st, due to the Holiday.

Spring Semester 2019 - MAT 0010, MAT 1010 and MAT 1005 Help Lab is open starting Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - MTWR from 5:00-7:00pm in 105 in Walker Hall! Tutors are there to help you! FREE to Appalachian students!

Spring Semester 2019 - MAT 1035, ECO 2100 & ECO 2200 Help Lab will be open starting Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - MTWR from 5:00-8:00pm in 309 in Walker Hall. This tutoring room is available for students who are enrolled in MAT 1035, ECO 2100 and ECO 2200. Tutors will be there to help you! This is also FREE to Appalachian students!

"FREE ONLINE TUTORING LAB" -  Department of Mathematical Sciences at Appalachian State University is excited to offer online tutoring for MAT1025, MAT1020 and MAT1110. This is a FREE service for the students enrolled in MAT1025, MAT1020 and MAT1110.

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Courses Tutored

  • PRAXIS prep
  • GRE prep
  • Developmental Math (MAT 0010)
  • Introduction to Math (MAT 1010)
  • College Algebra (MAT 1020)
  • Pre-Calculus (MAT 1025)
  • Business Math with Calculus (MAT 1035)
  • Statistical Methods I, II (STT 1810, 2810, 2820, 3820, 3850)
  • Calculus I, II, III (MAT 1110, 1120, 2130)
  • Modern & Linear Algebra (MAT 3110)(MAT 2240)
  • Differential Equations (MAT 3130)
  • Real Analysis (MAT 3220)
  • Techniques of Proof (MAT 2110)

Course descriptions are available in Appalachian's Course Catalog.

Everyone in search of math help is welcome. The staff can answer questions, check answers, and provide additional practice problems. Large tables are available for group study.

The Math Lab is staffed by:

  • Peer Tutors: juniors and seniors with demonstrated tutoring abilities
  • Graduate Students: graduate students in mathematical sciences
  • Faculty Volunteers: mathematical sciences faculty who donate their time to help

The Math Lab is coordinated by Wes Waugh (, from the Student Learning Center and Lisa Maggiore from the Department of Mathematical Sciences. If you have comments or questions, please e-mail