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Historically, Appalachian State University has produced many of North Carolina's mathematics teachers at all levels including elementary, middle and secondary. The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers both an undergraduate and master of arts major in mathematics for secondary education and an undergraduate concentration for middle and elementary majors. In preparing our future teachers, we believe that strong content knowledge is of paramount importance. Hence, we require calculus, algebra, geometry, analysis, computing, probability and statistics. Individual programs are designed to meet the needs of the student in consultation with one of the mathematics education advisors, all faculty with advanced degrees in mathematics education.

In addition to the strong content preparation, we also expect our majors to have practical experience and to become involved in professional activity. Prospective teachers are required to work as instructional assistants in a variety of courses. The department runs a tutoring lab and receives requests from elementary, middle, and high schools for tutorial assistance. All prospective teachers experience a full semester of supervised student teaching.

Professional development is also an integral part of the program. We have an organization called the Prospective Teachers of Mathematics Association for our students. Program topics for the club include services of the State Department, professional meetings and organizations, reflections of practicing teachers, searching for a teaching position, perspectives on the student teaching experience, and timely mathematics and methodological issues.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education

The mathematics education option is chosen by undergraduates who wish to prepare for teaching at the secondary level (9 through 12). The program of study requires the student to build a firm foundation in geometry, algebra and analysis, and then provides classroom experience in a variety of ways.

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