Mathematics Education

Appalachian State University has produced many of North Carolina's mathematics teachers at all levels. The Department offers a bachelor of science program in mathematics with a concentration in secondary education and an undergraduate concentration for middle and elementary majors. We offer a secondary concentration at the master's level as well.

In addition to strong content and pedagogy preparation, we expect our majors to have practical experience and to become involved in professional activity. Prospective teachers are required to work as instructional assistants in a variety of courses. All prospective teachers experience a full semester of supervised student teaching. The Prospective Teachers of Mathematics Association provides professional development through presentations on the NC Department of Public Instruction, participation in meetings of professional societies, reflections of practicing teachers, and discussion of timely mathematics and methodological issues.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a Secondary Education Concentration

The mathematics education concentration is chosen by undergraduates who wish to prepare for teaching at the secondary level (9 through 12). The program of study requires the student to build a firm foundation in geometry, algebra, and analysis, and then provides classroom experience in a variety of ways. [more]


Students work with a major advisor to plan their path through the curriculum, including selection of approved electives. Students can track their progress to the degree via their Degreeworks worksheet, accessed through Appalnet.

Programs of study for majors are determined by the year a student starts at Appalachian.

Need an advisor? Stop in the department office (342 Walker Hall).

Want to change your major or concentration? The College of Arts and Sciences Program Change Form (online) is used for all changes of major, minor, and concentration.