VEE Courses at Appalachian

The following courses are approved for validation by education experience:

  • VEE in Economics – ECON 2030 and ECON 2040
  • VEE in Mathematical Statistics – STT 4880   (STT 4530, F2018)
  • VEE in Accounting and Finance – ACC 2100 and FIN 3690

An updated listing of VEE approved courses can be found online at

Courses containing material necessary for exam preparation:

  • EXAM P/1 – STT 3250 Fundamentals of Probability, MAT 3532 (1 hour, Problems in Probability )
  • EXAM FM/2 – MAT 3330 Financial Mathematics, MAT 3540 (1 hour, Topics in Financial Mathematics)
  • EXAM LTAM - MAT 3340 Actuarial Models, MAT 4350 Actuarial Models II
  • EXAM IFM - FIN 4770 Derivatives and Financial Risk Management, FIN 3890 Survey of Investments, MAT 4330 Senior Seminar

Course of Study

(To see future changes in the major view degree requirements.)

The following table shows one sample of how scheduling the required courses for the actuarial science major may look. This schedule does not show the additional courses required by the university. A student should determine their schedule with the help of their academic advisor.

Fall Freshman Year Spring Freshman Year
MAT 1110 Calculus I
Law 2150 Legal Environment of Bus
MAT 1120 Calculus II
ECON 2030 Pricing Theory‡
Fall Sophomore YearSpring Sophomore Year
MAT 2130 Multivariable Calculus
MAT 3330 Financial Mathematics (F,S)
ACC 2100 Principals of Accounting I
STT 3850 Data Analysis I
MAT 2240 Linear Algebra
ECON 2040 Macroeconomics
STT 3851 Data Analysis II
Fall Junior YearSpring Junior Year
FIN 3100 Principals of Risk Manag and Ins 
FIN 3680 Intro to Finance
STT 3250 Fundamentals of Probability(F,S)
FIN 3690 Financial Management
FIN 3890 Survey of Investments

Fall Senior YearSpring Senior Year
MAT 3340 Actuarial Models (F)
FIN 4770 Derivatives and Fin Risk
Major Elective 1 
MAT 4330 Sen Sem in Act Science (S)
STT 4880 Mathematical Statisics (S)
Major Elective 2

MAT 4350 Actuarial Models II - is a continuation of MAT 3340, counts as a major elective.
[*MAT 3541 Topics in FM (1 hr)] - 1 hour problem solving course in financial mathematics, for actuarial exam preparation.
[*MAT 3532 Topics in P (1 hr)] - 1 hour problem solving course in probability, for actuarial exam preparation.