Mathematical Sciences Senior Honors Thesis - Forms and Timelines

  • If you plan to graduate with honors in Mathematical Sciences, you must: (1) complete at least 9 hours of honors coursework in the Mathematical Sciences [three of these hours must be for your Senior Honors Thesis] and (2) have a GPA of 3.45 or greater in your Mathematical Sciences coursework.
  • If you plan to graduate with honors in Mathematical Sciences AND with university honors, additional requirements apply. Please consult the Honors College Website for information concerning university honors.


Thesis guidelines

  • Cover pageClick here to find a template for your thesis title page.  Note that students completing departmental honors only should replace the honors college director's signature line with one for Eric Marland, Ph.D., Department of Mathematical Sciences Chair.
  • Content: A senior honors thesis in the mathematical sciences should have significant mathematical content. Although many theses will not contain proofs of new theorems, a thesis should contain a proof that is in some way original, or a detailed exposition of an application of known results.
  • Writing Style: The thesis should be well written.  In particular, mathematical definitions and statements should be clear. Notations must be consistent throughout the paper.  Spelling and grammar must be perfect.  Students should typeset their work in a professional manner consistent with their discipline.  For students other than mathematics education and actuarial science students this implies using the typesetting program LaTeX.  Mathematics does not have a single reference style that is consistent across all journals.  Thus, you have some flexibility in choosing a reference style. Most importantly, once you choose a reference style, you should be consistent in your application of that style.  You can find advice concerning formatting references for mathematical writing at
  • Formatting Guidelines:  Your thesis should be formatted according to the honors college guidelines, which can be found at the following link: Prepare Your Thesis: Components and Formatting Requirements.


Thesis application, presentation, and submission

Students completing both university and departmental honors

Students completing both university and departmental honors should follow the university honors guidelines.  Click here to see these guidelines.  In addition, these students should complete the following tasks as part of their departmental honors commitments.

  • Give Dr. Cook (WA 347) a copy of your completed Honors College Thesis/Project Application to keep for our mathematical sciences records.
  • Give your thesis advisor, second reader, and Dr. Cook ample time to review drafts of your work before your final draft is due.  We suggest sharing a reasonable draft with all parties at least one month prior to the thesis deadline.
  • Schedule your thesis defense in consultation with your thesis director, second reader, and Dr. Cook.
  • Submit a completed copy of your Thesis Binding Payment Form and copies of any student accounts receipts indicating payment for additional bound copies of the thesis to the MAT 4510 AsULearn site.

Students completing a departmental honors thesis only

Students completing a departmental honors thesis only should adhere the following guidelines.

  • Applying for the thesis.  This short Mathematical Sciences Senior Honors Thesis Application form asks you to identify your advisor, give a brief description of your project, and give a brief timeline for your work.  Please return the form to William Cook (WA 347) before you register for MAT 4510.
  • Revising your thesis.  You need to give your reviewers - your thesis advisor, second reader (if applicable), and Dr. Cook - ample time to read and comment on your work.  We suggest sending them a reasonable first draft at least one month before your final version is due.
  • Presenting the thesis.  You must give a public presentation of your thesis work and this defense must be completed at least one week prior to the last day of formal class meetings for the semester in which you plan to receive credit for MAT 4510.   Typically students present their work as part of our Departmental Colloquium series.  Please contact Dr. Cook to arrange a date.
  • Submitting your thesis.  When you have an approved, final version of your thesis, submit the following to the MAT 4510 AsULearn site.  The index form and relase form are needed to release your work to NC Docks, an online archive of theses and dissertations for the University of North Carolina system.  If you would not like your work released to NC Docs, please tell Dr. Cook.
    1. A digital copy of your approved, completed thesis   Students should be certain that the copy of the thesis they submit is the final, complete copy, with all errors corrected.  The copy you submit should contain your signed title page and abstract, combined into a single PDF file.
    2. A completed copy of your Thesis Binding Payment Form and copies of any student accounts receipts indicating payment for additional bound copies of the thesis (see additional information below).
    3. A completed, digital copy of the index form.
    4.  A completed hard copy of the release form.


Printing and Binding the Thesis

  • Our department would like to purchase a bound copy of your thesis for you as a gift. While work printed on any type of paper is now acceptable for binding, ASU watermarked paper is preferred and our department will supply this paper for you.  Your advisor should contact William Cook or Sandy Hicks to obtain the paper for the printing of your thesis.
  • Please complete the Thesis Binding Payment Form and submit your completed form to the MAT 4510 AsULearn site.  The form explains how to purchase additional bound copies of your thesis and asks how you would like these copies mailed to you.  Please indicate that you would like all copies delivered to the mathematical sciences department and we will then mail your personal copies to you at no charge.  If you are a university honors student please bring a completed copy of your binding payment form and student accounts receipt (if applicable) to your final thesis submission appointment.  





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