Grad Student Research

All graduate students complete a capstone project under the mentorship of a graduate faculty member as part of the MA requirements.

Mathematics - College Teaching Concentrators and Math/Physics Dual-degree Students complete MAT 5600 Directed Research. This project can focus on any content or pedagogy topic in the mathematical sciences. [more]

Mathematics - Secondary Teaching Concentrators complete MAT 5520 Capstone Project in Secondary Education. To meet licensure requirements, this project must focus on an aspect of secondary mathematics teaching and learning. [more]

Selected Recent Projects

  • Katelyn Benson. 2019. Motivation in Mathematics Students. Mentor: Dr. Mawhinney
  • Charlotte Cave. 2019. Analyzing Appalachian State Volleyball Using a Markov Chain. Mentor: Dr. R. Klima
  • Patrick Daye. 2019. Saturn’s Ring System: Three-Body Problem Analysis and Simulation. Mentor: Dr. Rhoads
  • Leah Hurt. 2019. Microtonal Chord Progressions and Actions of Dihedral Groups. Mentor: Dr. V. Klima
  • Jordan Justice. 2022. Investigating Growth Mindset in Advanced Mathematics Students. Mentor: Dr. Slate Young
  • Thomas Keener. 2022. Analysis of College Graduation Rates Using Markov Chains. Mentor: Dr. H. Hirst
  • Stanley Lord. 2021. A Steganographic Technique Using The Discrete Cosine Transform To Prevent Losing Altered Data Owing To Digital Image Compression. Mentor: Dr. Gosky
  • Lillian Mazaleski. 2021. The Effect of Preventative Measures on Mathematical Anxiety in the College Classroom. Mentor: Dr. Sevier
  • Brian Nobles. 2021. Analysis of Financial Indicators for First Year, In-State, Undergraduate Retention at Appalachian State University. Mentor: Dr. Gosky
  • Matthew Owen. 2020. Predicting the Path of a Synapse. Mentor: Dr. R. Klima
  • Samuel Powell. 2019. An Entirely Too Detailed Explanation of a Game that No One Will Ever Play. Mentor: Dr. Palmer
  • Mel Rhoney. 2022. The Dynamics of a Sneeze. Mentor: Dr. Morris
  • Jose Salazar. 2020. Walking to the Future: Creation of a Lower Limb Exoskeleton. Mentor: Dr. H. Hirst
  • Mackenzie McCraw  Wasylyna. 2020. Flipped Learning in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom. Mentor: Dr. Slate Young