Directed Research

Bulletin Description: A research project will be chosen, formulated, and executed by the student under the guidance of a faculty member. The project may investigate a mathematical sciences content or pedagogy topic. A final written report and presentation are required. MAT 5600 must be taken for a total credit of three semester hours.

Paperwork: Directed Research Form -- this form should be completed and a copy submitted to the department for the student's file.  To register, complete the online special course enrollment form available on the graduate school's website.

The directed research project is designed to be a culminating experience for students in the MA in Mathematics, College Teaching concentration. The topic for the research project should be chosen in consultation with the faculty mentor and can be any topic related to content or pedagogy in the mathematical sciences, but all projects should provide evidence of:

  • Depth of knowledge in an area of mathematical sciences content or pedagogy, and
  • Utilization of the appropriate research methodologies for the content matter.

Students will produce a written document and present their work to members of the department. The specific format of the document and presentation will vary depending on the subject matter, but all will be reviewed vis-a-vis the following expectations:

Written Document

  1. The document is well organized.
  2. The document is professionally typeset, with careful attention to mathematics formatting, citations and references.
  3. The level of exposition is appropriate for the expected audience of seniors, graduate students, faculty, and/or other professionals.
  4. The style and grammar do not detract from the readability of the document.
  5. The author provides some general context/background for the work.
  6. The author's contribution to the work is clear.


  1. The presentation is well organized.
  2. The level and pace of the presentation are appropriate for the expected audience of seniors, graduate students, faculty and/or other professionals.
  3. The presenter provides some general context/background for the work.
  4. The presenter's contribution to the work is clear.
  5. The presenter maintains composure when questioned.

Each student is required to present the results from his or her culminating project. The presentation should be 25-30 minutes, including time for questions.

The date of the presentation must be approved by the program directors and must be scheduled far enough in advance to allow at least one week's notice to the Department faculty and graduate students.

Note also that students presenting thesis research must meet the graduate school deadlines are well, typically 2 weeks prior to the last regular day of classes.

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