TA Office Space, Supplies and Equipment

Office Space

Graduate students who hold assistantships will be assigned to a desk in one of the graduate offices (209A and 307B). Grad students who are not grad assistants and accelerated Master's students may be allocated a desk if there is one available after all TAs have been assigned one.

Keys to access the building and the offices -- and the classrooms for TAs -- can be checked out from the Math Sciences Office staff.

These offices hold 8-10 students each, so it is important to be courteous and mindful of your fellow grad students. A few tips to ensure a pleasant workspace:

  • Use only your own desk and computer.
  • Keep noise and clutter to a minimum.
  • Take advantage of the 3rd floor faculty lounge for eating lunch.
  • Set up a schedule with office mates for emptying the trash and keeping the fridge clean (note that our housekeeping staff does NOT empty trash or otherwise clean offices).
  • Use the tables in the hallways to meet with students.
  • Be sure the door is locked if you are the last one out.

Supplies and Equipment for Graduate Assistants

Office Supplies

TAs have access to supplies and equipment needed for teaching their classes. The 3rd floor workroom cabinet contains paper, chalk, markers, and other office supplies. Please be frugal in using these supplies and if you take the last one of any of these things, please let the Math Sciences staff know.

Printing and Xeroxing

TAs will be assigned a code for the department Xerox machine in the 3rd floor department office. Please be mindful of printing costs, but do make copies of quizzes, exams, and important handouts for your students.


The department maintains a communal coffee pot in the faculty lounge. Please feel free to help yourself to coffee. Currently graduate students are not required to chip in for the cost of coffee. Check before making a pot in the afternoon that there are people around to drink it.

Classroom Technology


All classrooms except 302 and 108 have computers/projectors available for displaying information while teaching. If you teach in 302 or 108 and wish to have a computer/projector for class, there is a cart available for check out. In addition, the department has an iPad cart that can be reserved for use in class. See the Math Sciences staff for more information.

Calculators and Smart Pens

TI calculators and Echo Smart Pens are available for check out. See the Math Sciences staff for more information.

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