Teaching Portfolio

Students in the MA program in mathematics are required to demonstrate achievement of the following outcomes:

  • O2.3: Graduate students will demonstrate an ability to explain mathematical content to students using language appropriate to the level of the course.
  • O3.1: Graduate students will increase their knowledge of pedagogical practices, including appropriate use of technology.
  • O3.2: Graduate students will select teaching methodologies, including course content, examples, and assessments, that maximize student learning.

All students will complete a portfolio to document these objectives.

Secondary Teaching

Students completing the concentration in secondary teaching will satisfy this requirement through completion of the Product of Learning (PoL). The PoL also provides the evidence needed to apply for advanced (M-level) North Carolina secondary mathematics teacher licensure, and so the structure of this portfolio is prescribed by the standards for CAEP accreditation and NC Department of Public Instruction requirements. Students will complete one hour of the MAT 5525 Produce of Learning course at the beginning of their program of study and one hour of MAT 5525 at the end of their program of study.

College Teaching

Students pursuing the concentration in college teaching will also prepare a portfolio documenting their knowledge of pedagogical practices. This portfolio should include:

  • Evidence: artifacts that document an understanding of
    • Course design and teaching strategies
    • Ensuring student engagement
    • Assessment of student learning
    • Appropriate use of technology
  • Teaching Philosophy: a reflection on those artifacts that summarizes your motivation, strategies, and objectives and the principles you consider to be important in educating students.

Students will have an opportunity to polish and receive feedback on this portfolio during enrollment in MAT 5415 Seminar in the Pedagogy of Mathematics, usually taken in the final semester of enrollment.

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