New Student Information

Welcome to the math graduate program!

Here is a summary of important information to keep in mind as you settle into your new role as a graduate student in our program.

First, we encourage you to read through the new student information on the graduate school website. There you will find some general information about the graduate school's orientation session, graduate student groups, as well as a summary of key policies and resources provided by the university.

Please do not hesitate to contact the program directors with questions at any time! We want to make your transition to graduate school as easy as possible!

Important Identifiers

  • your student (aka Banner) ID is a 9 digit number. This ID can be used to uniquely identify you in the Banner student system.
  • your username for logging into various systems will start with your last name followed by initials and possibly a number.
  • your full email address is This is where we send any correspondence that includes student information covered under FERPA. Please do not give anyone else access to this account.

Setting a Password

You can set up the password associated with your username by going to the password manager site: When you are asked for your username on this site do not include the

Using Email

You can access email through the campus appalnet system, for which there is a link on near the upper right corner of the page. To log into appalnet, you enter your username without the

Alternately, you can access email by going to and logging in with your full email address (including the We are a "google school," so you also have space on a google drive associated with that email.

Managing Your Course Schedule, Student Account, etc.

All information related to courses, registration, billing, etc., is accessible through appalnet. This system is pretty easy to navigate, and most of the important items are under the "student" tab once you log in.

Accessing ASULearn, Our Course Management System

ASULearn is linked on near the upper right corner of the page. Faculty teaching graduate courses will almost certainly use this environment to disseminate information. You can also directly access the site at ASULearn is fairly straightforward to navigate. FYI: This system is an implementation of moodle (a competitor for the Blackboard environment, which you might have encountered before).

Some Other Key Websites