Financial Information

Tuition and Fees

Graduate students (includeing TAs and RAs) are responsible for paying graduate tuition and fees each semester. Information on the cost of tuition and fees is available on the Student Accounts website.  Note that main campus and online students have different costs, because online students will not have access to some of the campus facilities and so do not pay for those resources.


Need-based Scholarships

There are very limited numbers of need-based scholarships available to graduate students on a first-come-first-served basis. These are awarded through the Office of Financial Aid and no application other than the FAFSA is necessary. Early submission of the FAFSA and confirmation of attendance are crucial as there are many more graduate students with need than there are funds to award.


The School of Graduate Studies offers Diversity, Provost, and Chancellor's Fellowships to the top full-time students enrolled in graduate programs. The fellowship application is combined with the admission application for prospective students; continuing students can apply in spring for the upcoming academic year. These fellowships are awarded as financial aid and can be accepted in addition to other financial awards up to cost of attendance. [more]

North Carolina Tuition Scholarships

The School of Graduate Studies allocates a limited number of scholarships for the top out-of-state full-time students to each program. These scholarships reduce the tuition to in-state levels, and students are still responsible for the in-state tuition and fee charges. The Math Sciences Department nominates students for these awards -- ask us if you have questions.

Other Financial Aid

Graduate students are also eligible for unsubsidized Stafford Loans if enrolled at least half-time (5 hours or more). Early completion of the FAFSA is strongly recommended. Questions about these loans can be directed to the Office of Financial Aid.

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