Information for Part-Time Online Students

Students interested in completing the program of study for the MA in Mathematics during evening and/or weekend times via attending classes through video-conferencing can apply to the distance education version of the program through the graduate school.

Most  students attending in this way finish in three to four years, depending on the number of courses taken at one time.

The department offers three to five courses from the program each calendar year in the late afternoon, evening or weekend.  We allow students to attend via the zoom interactive video conferencing system. The required courses will rotate as indicated in the table below (2020-21 is "year B"), with several electives planned each year as well. Secondary concentrators are required to take several courses from the Reich College of Education, all of which are available as online courses.

Students attending in this way are not eligible for graduate assistantships or fellowships, as those are reserved for full-time, on-campus students.

Spring 2020 Offerings

  • Monday/Wednesday evenings: MAT 5620 Analysis II (3)
  • Tuesday evenings: MAT 5910 Investigations in Teaching Mathematics (3)

Summer 2020 Offerings

  • MAT 5941 Technology for Teaching Mathematics (3)
  • MAT 5980 Special Topics in Mathematics Education (Companion courses to MELT Institutes)

Fall 2020 Offerings

  • STT 5810 Computational Probability (3)
  • MAT 5710 Topology (3)

Spring 2021 Offerings

  • MAT 5910 Investigations in Teaching Mathematics
  • STT 5811  Statistical Concepts and Applications I
  • Elective, if there is demand

Standard Sequencing of "Virtual" Attendance Capable Required Coursework

We will conform to this rotation when we have students who will need to be virtual attendees.




Year AMAT 5610: Analysis 1MAT 5620: Analysis 2
Year BSTT 5810:
STT 5811: Statistical Concepts & Apps 1
Year CMAT 5230: Linear AlgebraMAT 5330: Mathematical Modeling

Note: Other courses are offered that allow virtual attendance; scheduling of those courses is on an as needed basis.