Our Students

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds.

Spring 2018 Students

College Teaching Concentration

  • Brianna Bentley, BS Mathematics Education, Appalachian State
  • Katie Bowman, BA Chemistry and Mathematics, Salem College
  • Charlotte Cave, BS Mathematics, Virginia Tech
  • Russell Chamberlain, BS Mathematics, Appalachian State
  • Caleb Davis, BS Mathematics, Appalachian State
  • Patrick Daye, BS Mathematics, Appalachian State
  • Peter Eller, BS Mathematics, UNC Charlotte
  • Stephen Graham, BS Mathematics, Appalachian State
  • John Hall, BS Mathematics, UVA-Wise
  • Leah Hurt, BS Mathematics and BA Spanish, Liberty
  • Kory Illenye, BS Mathematics, Appalachian State
  • Jennifer LeBlanc, BA Secondary Education Mathematics, Southeastern
  • Mackenzie McCraw, BA Mathematics, Elon
  • Cescily Metzgar, BS Mathematics, Appalachian State
  • Faith Miller, BS Mathematics Education, Appalachian State
  • Carter Murray, BS Mathematics, Northern Michigan
  • Averia Padgett, BS Actuarial Science, Appalachian State
  • Samuel Powell, BA Mathematics, UNC Asheville
  • Richard Shedenhelm, BA Economics, U Georgia; BA Mathematics, SNH State; MA Philosophy, U Georgia
  • Coleman Ross, BA Economics, UNC-Chapel Hill; ME Elementary Education, Marymount
  • Dustin Roten, BS Mathematics and BS Physics, Appalachian State

Secondary Concentration

  • Hannah Cox, BS Mathematics Education, Appalachian State
  • Ben Estes, BS Mathematics Education, Appalachian State

Accelerated Admission Seniors

  • Katelyn Benson
  • Warren Colavito
  • Ashley DeMarte
  • Abby Roberts
  • Asuka Wallace
  • Emily Younce