Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board (SAB) is a source for student guidance and ideation for the Department of Mathematical Sciences and supplies input for the department in regards to student-faculty relationships, potential scholastic opportunities, and day-to-day operations within the department community. Members of the organization provide leadership and give voice to all students within the department, listen and respond to faculty when called upon for insight, develop new ideas and programs to enhance student learning and involvement, and help promote the department to the rest of the University as well as to the general public.

Board Members:

  • Chair: Caroline Fehlman
  • Vice Chair: Aaron Lubkemann
  • Members: Jayne Hollar, Cole Payne, , Hannah Aidan Keaveney Joyner, Brian Douville, Tessa Phelps, Connor Khin, Libby Young
  • Faculty Sponsors: Eric Marland, Sharareh Nikbakht

Our Constitution:

Want to participate? Contact the SAB chair via appstate email.