Our Graduate Students

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds.

2020-21 Students

College Teaching Concentration

  • Sofia Cole, BS Mathematics, UNC-Charlotte
  • Hailey Howett, BS Mathematics, Appalachian State
  • Caitlyn Johnson, BS Mathematics, Appalachian State
  • Brittany Leslie, BA Mathematics, UNC-Charlotte
  • Stan Lord, BA Mathemtics and Studio Art, Appalachian State
  • Woody Madison, BS Mathematics, Appalachian State
  • Molly Martin, BS Mathematics, Appalachian State
  • Brian Nobles, BS Information Science, UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Mel Rhoney, BA Mathematics, UNC-Asheville
  • Donna Thomas, BS Chemistry, Diploma Mathematics, and MEd Curriculum,  University of the West Indies

Secondary Concentration

  • Shawna Greeno-Bridges, BS Mathematics and Education, Wingate University
  • Jordan Justice, BS Secondary Mathematics Education, North Greenville University

Accelerated Admission Seniors

  • Christian Payne
  • Eloisa Sanchez