Appstate Math Walk

Appstate Math Walk

Math walks, or math trails, can be found all over the world. Math walks provide you with the opportunity to enjoy being outdoors and to exercise your brain as well as your body as you walk around.

 Here at Appalachian State University, our math walk contains questions for all age levels from K-12 to adult. You will want to have the following items for your math walk:

  • pencil & paper
  • measuring tool such as a ruler
  • a calculator (phone app)

MathWalk ThumbnailThe map included in the PDF file with the problems has the locations marked for a variety of activities that can be included on a walk around campus.  There are 16 different activities scattered around the main part of campus and one activity related to the wind turbine at the top of the hill on Bodenheimer Drive. Later in the guide are some activities that can be completed indoors in the Schaefer Center.

Feel free to pick and choose which stops you visit and which questions you do based on the interests, ability levels, and the time you and/or your group wish to spend.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

Sherry Nikbahkt and former graduate students Warren Colavito, Stephanie K. Moore, and Kory Illenye