NCCTM Western Regional Math Fair

Each Spring, Math Sciences faculty and students help with the Math Fair for the Western Region of the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Students in primary and secondary schools in the western region of North Carolina work on and submit projects for judging at the fair.  Projects may be entered in the following categories:

  • Grades K-2 (Individual or Class Projects)

  • Grades 3-4 (Individual or Class Projects)

  • Grades 5-6 (Individual or Class Projects)

  • Grades 7-8 (Individual Projects)

  • Grades 9-12 (Individual Projects)

Students who are finalists at this fair are invited to participate in the State Math Fair later in the spring. For more information on the regional and state Math fairs, visit the NCCTM website.

The Spring 2020 Math Fairs were cancelled due to the change to remote learning.  Last year's fair was held on campus on March 23.  Students presented many fun and interesting projects, and when they weren't presenting, they were busy playing games!

Math Fair 2019 - Images