Department Colloquium January 24: Dr. Thomas Cameron, Davidson College

Please join us Friday at 3 PM in 103A Walker Hall to hear Dr. Thomas Cameron speak on...

The Linear Ordering Problem

The linear ordering problem is one of the classical combinatorial optimization problems, which attempts to form an optimal ranking of a collection of objects.  Often, there is more than one optimal ranking, which leaves room to question how meaningful these rankings are. The rankability problem attempts to quantify a dataset's inherent ability to produce a meaningful ranking of items.  In 2018, Anderson et al. proposed a measure of rankability that uses integer programming to model the minimum number of changes necessary for a given data set to have a unique optimal ranking. Integer programming problems are often NP-Hard, and this particular model has practical limitations that restrict the type of data which can be analyzed. 

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Published: Jan 21, 2020 2:32pm