Congratulations to our Actuarial Science Students Carly Moyers, Will Dube, Tessa Phelps, and Aaron Faircloth

We are pleased to announce the following achievements of our Actuarial Science students, who are working diligently on completing the exams required to become credentialed as actuaries in the Society of Actuaries. 

  • Carly Moyers passed Exam IFM - Investments and Financial Markets
  • Will Dube passed Exam IFM
  • Tessa Phelps passed Exam P - Probability
  • Aaron Faircloth passed Exam FM - Financial Mathematics  

Will Dube has accepted an entry level actuarial position with Lincoln Financial upon graduation. Carly Moyers has accepted an entry level actuarial position with Protective Life upon graduation. Tessa Phelps and Ryan Absher will be in the master's degree program in Data Analytics here at Appalachian. For more information on the Society of Actuaries, see www.

Published: Mar 18, 2022 10:30am