Colloquium Wednesday, September 18: Dr. Sat Gupta, UNC-Greensboro

Join us on Wednesday, September 18, at 3 PM in 103A Walker Hall

Dr. Sat Gupta, Chair of Math and Statistics

will speak on Untruthful Responding in Randomized Response Models
and will share information on the graduate program at UNC-G.


Estimating the prevalence of a sensitive trait in a population is not a simple task due to the general tendency among survey respondents to answer sensitive questions in a way that is socially desirable. Use of randomized response techniques (RRT) is one of several approaches for reducing the impact of this tendency. However, despite the additional privacy provided by RRT models, some respondents may still provide an untruthful response. We consider the impact of untruthful responding on binary unrelated-question RRT models and observe that even if only a small number of respondents lie, a significant bias may be introduced to the model. We propose a binary unrelated-question model that accounts for those respondents who may respond untruthfully. This adds an extra layer of precaution to the estimation of the sensitive trait and decreases the importance of presurvey respondent training. Our results are validated using a simulation study.

Published: Sep 17, 2019 4:17pm