Colloquium September 10: Michael McRoberts, Championship Analytics

Please join us on Friday, September 10, at 3 PM via ZOOM to hear Michael McRoberts from Champion Analytics speak on...

Football Analytics: Winning games through optimizing in-game strategy

Abstract: Every weekend, football games are decided by coaches' strategic choices on fourth down, two point calls, and how they best use the clock to their advantage. Michael McRoberts, President and Founder of Championship Analytics, has developed a service used by approximately half of college football and multiple teams in the NFL to give coaches the tools and resources to help them make those critical choices on game day. In this talk, Michael will review the inspiration and origin of the service and walk through how coaches take advantage of the materials CAI provides.

To join, contact Kristen Roland, colloquium coordinator,

Published: Sep 7, 2021 10:15am