Colloquium November 12: Dr. Daniel Alvey, Trinity College

Please join us on Friday at 3 PM via zoom to hear Dr. Alvey speak on...

How Big is BAD?

Abstract: Metric number theory is a branch of number theory which focuses on the size of specific sets of numbers. In Diophantine approximation, we often want to find the size of the set of numbers which can be approximated 'well enough' or 'badly.' One such set of numbers is the badly approximable numbers, often called BAD. Through a beautiful connection between Diophantine approximation and dynamics, we can show that BAD has measure zero, however using a type of topological game, we can show that BAD has full dimension. This talk will outline these two seemingly contradictory facts about BAD and outline some of the active areas of research.


To join via zoom, please contact one of the colloquium coordinators (Kristen Rowland or Nadun Dissanayake) for instructions.

Published: Nov 8, 2021 3:24pm