Colloquium Friday, September 17: Dashiell Young-Saver, Skew the Script

Please join us via ZOOM on Friday, September 17 at 3 PM to hear Mr. Dashiell Young-Saver present...

Skew the Script

Abstract: No one cares about the time it takes to fill up a swimming pool of a certain volume. No one cares about the correlation between hand width and height. No one cares, genuinely cares, about the contexts that fill the pages of most math textbooks. The result: Students disengage. They learn math at a shallow level. Worst of all, they leave school unprepared to apply quantitative reasoning to the “messy” problems of the real world. We decided to change that. In this presentation, Dashiell will share resources from Skew The Script, which provides free math lessons on social issues, public health, business, the environment, sports, and more. We'll discuss how we explore ”off script” problems—authentic, real-world problems that don’t have one solution—using mathematical reasoning. Dashiell will also discuss the positive results from using this curriculum, especially among students from traditionally underserved backgrounds.

To access the ZOOM link, please contact one of the colloquium coordinators: Nadun Kulskera Mudiyansalage (nadunkul) or Kristen Rowland (rowlandke).

Published: Sep 13, 2021 10:04am