Colloquium Friday, September 16: Tyrel Winebarger

Join us on Friday at 1 pm in 103A Walker Hall to hear Tyrel Winebarger speak on...

Title: Empowering Teacher Learning: A Self-Directed Professional Learning Model
Abstract: The Empowering Teacher Learning Project is a $12 million grant-funded research project from the Department of Education that seeks to measure the effects of a multi-year intervention on teachers (N=350) and students (N=10,000) across high-needs and rural middle schools in western North Carolina. This intervention will implement self-directed professional learning among teachers and will utilize micro-credentials, video reflections, and coaching as a means of promoting individualized teacher learning. This study will use a variety of instruments and statistical models to determine the effectiveness of competency-based professional learning as a replacement for typical time-based "sit-and-get" workshops, with the eventual goal of promoting improved educational practices at a statewide level. 

Published: Sep 12, 2022 7:37pm