Colloquium, Friday November 10: CrIME: Criminal Investigation through Mathematical Examination

Visiting Speaker Gene Fiorini, Muhlenberg College will present on "CrIME: Criminal Investigation through Mathematical Examination" at 3 PM in Ann Belk Hall 327.

Everyone is welcome!

Abstract: Broadly speaking, forensic science analyzes trace evidence left at the scene of a crime which may be used to either implicate or exonerate a suspect, or just to gain further insight into the incident. Using several cases as a backdrop, this talk examines some of the common applications of the mathematical sciences to forensic science. Topics covered may include pre-calculus (blood spatter analysis, decomposition), calculus and differential equations (time of death, transference), graph theory (print analysis), probability (DNA identification), statistics and informatics (evidence sampling, forensic entomology), discrete mathematics (pattern analysis), and computational thinking (digital and cyber forensics).

Published: Nov 7, 2017 10:07am