Colloquium Friday March 4: Dr. Joel Sanqui

Please join us in room 103A at 3 PM on Friday to hear Joel Sanqui speak on...

Research Designs, Deming Regression and Skew-Normal Distribution

Abstract: We will talk about the scholarship activities I've done during my OCSA last Fall semester. We will start by discussing a series of Webinars I've conducted on Research Designs and Methodologies. We will then briefly talk about my current research on fraternity violence in the Philippines that will apply some of these research designs and methods. We will then move on to talks I've given related to the Deming Regression model and some papers we submitted that focused on some new measures for this model. Finally, we will briefly discuss two papers related to the Skew-Normal distribution that were formerly published in the Proceedings of the Joint Statistical Meetings that I've revised and in the final preparation for submission to Statistics journals.

Published: Mar 1, 2022 8:17am