Colloquium Friday, March 19: Dr. Victoria Woodard, Notre Dame

Join us this Friday at 3 PM via zoom to hear Dr. Victoria Woodard present on

See. Repeat. Understand? Lessons in teaching statistical computing to statistics students

Abstract:  As the demand for skilled data scientists has grown, university level statistics and data science courses have become more rigorous in training students to understand and utilize the tools that their future careers will likely require. However, the mechanisms to assess students’ use of these tools while they are learning to use them are not well defined. As such, a framework to assess statistical computing actions was created. Using task-based interviews of students who completed a second course in statistics, the framework was used to determine the ways in which students utilize statistical computing tools, specifically R, while going through problem solving phases. In this talk, I will discuss the development of the framework and patterns that emerged in the task-based interviews.

To request access to the zoom session, please email one of the colloquium coordinators: Kristen Rowland (rowlandke) or Quinn Morris (morrisqa).

Published: Mar 15, 2021 2:33pm