Colloquium, Friday February 24: Tomas McIntee, Ion Innovations and Hurricane Lamp Press

Join us this Friday at 1 PM in 103A Walker Hall to hear Dr. Tomas McIntee (MA Mathematics '09) speak on....

Critical, Pivotal, and Crucial: Mathematically Measuring Power

Zoom attendance is available upon request . Contact one of the Colloquium Coordinators.

Abstract: In collective decision-making processes, one major point of contention is the question of whether or not power is distributed fairly. To answer this question, it is necessary to quantify existing power within a voting system, either a priori or with reference to historical behavior. Using examples that include the Electoral College, this talk discusses several different approaches to mathematically measuring power in a voting system. 

Dr. Tomas McIntee received his PhD in Mathematical Behavioral Science from University of California - Irvine. He has a Master's of Mathematics (working with Dr. Rick Klima) and Bachelor's degrees in Mathematics, in Physics, and in Philosophy and Religion from Appalachian State. As a mathematician and social scientist, Dr. McIntee focuses on the mathematics of voting. He has recently published a book called Graduating from the Electoral College and has a peer-reviewed paper and many articles online about voting systems, elections, and other political topics.

Published: Feb 20, 2023 12:45pm