Colloquium Friday, February 11: Arunabha Biswas, Virginia Tech

Join us this Friday at 3 PM via ZOOM to hear Dr Arunabha Biswas speak on...

Title: Higher Mahler measure: a new emergence from the study of Lehmer's conjecture.

Abstract: Mahler measure is an outcome of an ingenious early effort to create large prime numbers. A generalization of it is k-higher Mahler measure, which can be defined as the integral of log^k |P| over the complex unit circle for a polynomial P. In this talk, I will present how the study of the Mahler measure led to Lehmer's conjecture (a long-standing unsolved problem of number theory), my results regarding k-higher Mahler measure, and several possible directions to explore it more.

To join the zoom session, please contact one of the colloquium coordinators: Kristen Rowland (rowlandke) or Nadun Dissanayake (nadunkul).

Published: Feb 7, 2022 10:09am