Colloquium Friday, April 11: Dr. Hollylynne Lee, NCSU

Join us at 3 PM on Friday in 103A Walker Hall to hear Hollylynne Lee speak on...

Title: Learning to Do What Data Scientists Do: The Role of Data Moves

Abstract: Data science is one of the hottest career options. But what exactly do data scientists do? It will come to no surprise that data scientists use mathematics, statistics and computing tools, but how do data scientists work, and what are their thinking strategies? Better yet, how can one learn to think and investigate data like a data scientist? We will explore a framework that describes data investigation processes and consider the role of data moves (actions on and with data) in doing what data scientists do. Bring your laptop or tablet and come ready to engage in a few “mini” data adventures.  

Published: Apr 4, 2022 4:28pm