Colloquium Friday, 3/12: Dr. Nicholas Dwork, UC-San Francisco

Join us on Friday at 3 PM via ZOOM to hear Dr. Nicholas Dwerk from the Larsen Advanced Imaging Lab at UC-San Francisco speak on...

Fast Variable Poisson-Disc Pattern Generation Abstract:  The variable density Poisson-disc pattern is a random pattern where points are never separated by less than a minimum distance.  The pattern is useful in computer graphics, where it is used to automatically generate locations of trees in forests and bumps on a reptile's skin.  It is also useful in magnetic resonance imaging, where it has permitted quality images with less time in the scanner than ever before.  In this talk, we will discuss several algorithms for generating this type of pattern and end with the recently discovered fastest algorithm.  We will conclude with a discussion on possible further improvements. To request access to the presentation, please email the colloquium coordinators Quinn Morris (morrisqa) or Kristen Roland (rolandke) for instructions!

Published: Mar 9, 2021 4:05pm