Colloquium February 21: Dr. Becky Sanft, UNC Asheville

Join us on Friday at 3 in 103A Walker Hall to hear Dr. Becky Sanft speak on...

Exploring Mathematical Models in Biology

Mathematical modeling is an iterative process that can be used to help us understand complex biological systems, make predictions, and control systems to obtain particular outcomes. This process is inherently collaborative and often requires a breadth of tools, including formulating mathematical equations to model the system, using computational methods to solve the model, and apply-ing statistical techniques to calibrate and validate the model. In this talk, I will first provide an overview of how I model growth in elastic tissues and how these models are used to understand the mechani-cal response of arteries. Then I will discuss how I approach teaching the principles of mathematical modeling in interdisciplinary classes through the use of case studies and wet labs.

Livestream of this talk is available at:

Published: Feb 17, 2020 11:43am