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Faculty and Academic DevelopmentFamily DayGraduate FacultyGrant Proposals
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Guidelines for
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Advisor Information:

Annual Report:

Academic Calendars

Class Lists:

Class lists (with or without pictures) can be obtained from the Faculty Services tab through logging in to AppalNet.

Computer Accounts and Email:

Every faculty member has an account on Appalnet. You log in using your ASU User ID (first part of your e-mail address, which is listed in the dept directory) and a password that you set. Instructions for first time users and information on setting your password appear on the Appalnet login page. Email is now handled through google, so you can log into email through appalnet or at google.com.


Coffee is available for a modest fee in the third floor mailroom. See Robin to pay.
There are a number of good coffee shops in town. Espresso News (267 Howard Street) is closest to the office.


Departmental colloquia and seminar information can be found on the colloquia information page.

Computer Labs:

Two PC labs and two Mac labs are available for class use. See Robin Chambers to check availability and reserve a time. Note also that when completing your teaching requests each term, you can indicate whether you need regular (e.g., weekly) access to a lab.


The main duplicating machine is on the third floor, opposite office 340. For help with operation of the copier, see Robin, Sandy, or the student worker.

Departmental Committee Assignments:

2017-18 Committees

2016-17 Faculty Committees

Departmental Personnel Committee History


The department maintains a directory, and there is also a university directory.

Projector and Cart Sign-up Directions and Availability Calendars:

The department maintains a set of projectors for use in class. Please ask in the department office regarding signup.

Faculty Absence Form:

Click here to go to the Faculty Absence Report form [pdf 20k]. Fill in the blanks, (hitting tab will take you to the next blank), and then print the form. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Faculty and Academic Development:

The Center for Academic Excellence runs a number of programs. Their page has links for internal grant and funding opportunities, services for new faculty, and prospective faculty FAQs.

Family Day / Open House:

The university and the department hold Saturday open houses in September and April for recruiting new students and meeting the families of current students. Exact dates can be found on the Visit Appalachian website.

Graduate Faculty:

Membership on the Graduate Faculty is approved at the same time as reappointment, promotion, tenure, and post-tenure review. Refer to the Graduate Faculty page.

Grant Proposals:

Internal grant programs are run by the Center for Academic Excellence and the University Research Council.

Guidelines for Individual/Independent Study:

  • Independent Study:
    • MAT 3500 / 4500:  Complete a special course form (available in the department office) AND an independent study contract. Both must be submitted to CAS.
    • MAT 5500: Complete a special course form (available in the department office) AND an independent study contract. NOTE: For grad students, the contract does not leave the department. The special course form must go first to CAS and then to the grad school.
  • Senior Honors Thesis: Forms and Timeline
  • Graduate Thesis, Directed Research, Apprenticeship:  See the Graduate Program Site.


See Robin Chambers for keys.

Library Resources Info:

Click here to access the department's library resource page. For more information, ask Jeff Hirst.

Maple Computer Algebra System

We have a license for Maple software. Maple is installed on the ASU's servers.
Maplesoft's Maple Training Videos (Adobe Flash format):


Mail is delivered twice a day, roughly around 10am and 2pm, and distributed to the faculty mailboxes in the third floor lounge.

Outgoing Campus or US mail can be placed in the wire baskets on the student worker's desk opposite office 340. For large mailings, see Robin. Personal first class mail should be stamped.

There is a post office on campus. The post office downtown (opposite Farmer's Hardware) is closer.

Public Servers:

We encourage the use of ASULearn, DropBox, or Google Drive folders to share information with colleagues and/or students.  In addition, ITS maintains a server (the "M" Drive) for departments; this is not a share-able storage space but you might want to use an account to back up crucial files on your computer.

Parking and Traffic:

Faculty parking permits can be purchased from the Parking and Traffic Department. Parking permits for departmental guests are available from the department office. Any vehicle can park in the Rivers Street parking garage for $5 a day.


Faculty paycheck deposit slips are generally issued on the last day of the month. (Direct deposit of faculty pay is required.) Human Resource Services manages pay and benefit information.


To phone on campus, use the four digit number. To dial off-campus, dial 9 to get an outside line, and then proceed as usual.

The department's fax machine (828-265-8617) is located in the department office.

Post-Tenure Review:

View the university's policy in the Faculty Handbook (ยง4.7), or the summary found in the Tenure, Promotion and Reappointment document and the quick guide to PTR. For more information contact the department chair.

Reassigned Time Guidelines:

For more information contact the department chair.


Paper, pens, and other paraphernalia are stored in the third floor workroom, opposite office 347. Tell the department staff if you take the last of something.

Tea (not coffee):

Tea, cookies and snacks are available at  2:45-3:30 on Thursdays near the elevator on the third floor. All students, staff and faculty are invited to partake.

Teas are supported by faculty donations, and set-up and cleaned-up by faculty volunteers. To help, contact Joel Sanqui at sanquijat@appstate.edu. or Sherry Nikbakht at nikbakhts@appstate.edu.

Tenure, Promotion, Reappointment:

View the department's policies

For more information, see the department chair.


Mathematical Sciences
342 Walker Hall
121 Bodenheimer Dr
Boone, NC 28608
828-265-8617 fax

Department Chairperson
Dr. Eric Marland

Assistant Chairperson
Dr. Rick Klima


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