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Program Change Form [pdf]

Proficiency in Communication Certificates (for those who entered prior to 2009)

Instructions to the Student
Instructors sign these forms only if the student performs satisfactorily on the W and/or S components of the course. It is the student's responsibility to request that an instructor sign the form. Print the form; enter your name, student id. number, and the date. Ask the instructor you had for each course to certify your proficiency by signing and dating the appropriate course, then bring the form to the Department Office at 342 Walker Hall for the chair's signature.

Instructions to the Faculty
By signing the form you certify the student's proficiency in speaking or writing as observed in the respective course in which you had the student. If in the instructor's opinion, the student has not done well in the S and/or W parts of the designated courses, the student and advisor will develop a plan of action, which may include satisfactory completion of courses such as: S: COM 1100 or COM 2101, W: ENG 3100 or ENG 4700. The advisor will sign the form upon the successful completion of the plan of action.

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Mathematical Sciences
342 Walker Hall
121 Bodenheimer Dr
Boone, NC 28608
828-265-8617 fax

Department Chairperson
Dr. Eric Marland

Assistant Chairperson
Dr. Rick Klima


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