Summer Programs for Math Majors

Each organization below is seeking applications from undergraduates in the mathematical sciences for a summer program. Most of the programs are REUs (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) partially funded by the NSF (National Science Foundation). Most of these programs are also listed in the NSF's list of REU sites in the mathematical sciences, and in the MAA's list of opportunities for students. The summer programs consist of 8 to 9 weeks of mathematical activities. Compensation typically includes room, meals, $2000 to $3000 in cash, and possible travel support. Click on the links in the table below to find more information about the particular programs. If you have questions or need help in applying (downloading forms, getting recommendation letters, etc.) contact Professor J. Hirst or Professor V. Klima.

Special Note:

Women and minorities are especially encouraged to apply for any of these programs. The program at Carleton College, the EDGE progam at NCSU, and the program at George Washington University are restricted to applications from women. The CBB program at the University of Wisconsin (CBB), the NASA MUST program, and the Iowa State Alliance program are directed at minorities.

Program Location Topics and Notes Deadline
All REUs Information on all NSF REUs varies
American Mathematical Society Links for undergraduates varies
ASU-Melt High school teaching (In-service) (check for updates)
Albany Medical College Math. biomedicine 3/5
Arizona State University Math. and Theoretical Biology (MTBI) 3/10
Boston University Biostatistics (SIBS) 3/5
Brigham Young Varies 3/1
Canisius College Geometry, physics, graphs 2/18
Carleton College Various topics (women only) 2/19
Carnegie Mellon Applied mathematics 3/1
Carnegie Mellon Logic and formal epistemology (short course) 3/15
Central Michigan University Analysis, geometry, graph theory, matrix theory 2/26
Claremont Colleges Operations research 3/1
Clarkson University Varies 3/1
Clemson Comp. number theory and combinatorics 2/15
College of William and Mary Matrix analysis 3/3
Cornell University Various topics 2/25
Cornell University (SMI) Summer institute 2/15
Department of Energy Internships varies
DIMACS (Rutgers) Various topics 1/31
East Tennessee State University Probability, discrete math 3/5
George Mason University Computational biomath 4/2
George Washington University Various topics/ Women only 3/1
Grand Valley St. University Various topics 2/26
Hope College Mathematics 2/26
IAS / Park City Image processing 1/28
Indiana University Various topics 2/25
Iowa State Alliance program  
IPAM/UCLA Industrial projects 2/15
James Madison University Algebra, statistics 3/1
Kent State University Linear algebra 3/12
Lafayette College Geometry, modeling, discrete math. 3/1
LA State, Baton Rouge Braids, number theory, zeta functions 3/2
MSRI (Berkeley) Coding theory 2/28
Miami University, Ohio Various topics 3/1
Mississippi State University Applied math and biostat 2/15
Missouri State University Algebra, dynamical systems TBA
Mount Holyoke Various topics 2/26
NASA MUST scholarships/internships 3/1
NASA USRP Internships for undergrads Varies
National Institute of Technology Multi-disciplinary 2/16
National Nanotech. Infrastructure Network Nanotechnology 2/10
National Research Council Grad student fellowships Varies
National Security Agency Director's summer program 10/15
North Carolina State University Modeling and industrial math 2/15
North Carolina State University Biostatistics (SIBS) 3/5
North Carolina State EDGE Program (women only) 2/15
Notre Dame Various topics TBA
Oregon State University Various topics 2/24
Penn State University Geometry, fractals 2/28
Penn State MASS Program Senior semester at PSU Late spring
Princeton p-adic Langlands (women only, short course) 2/20
Rice University Statistics 3/15
Rice University Computational Neuroscience 2/15
Rochester Institute of Technology Graph theory, dynamical systems 3/6
Rose-Hulman Various topics 2/26
SUNY Potsdam - Clarkson Varies 2/22
University of Arizona Geometry 3/1
UCLA / IPAM Industrial math 2/15
UCLA Logic Center Logic summer school 3/7
Univ. of California, Santa Barbara Varies 2/12
University of Houston Math. biology Full year program
University of Illinois TBA TBA
University Maryland, Baltimore County High performance computing 2/19
University of Minnesota, Duluth Graph theory, combinatorics 2/10
University of Nebraska Applied math and other topics 2/15 or 3/1
University of Nebraska IMMERSE (seniors only) 3/15
UNC at Asheville Groups, graphs, geometry 2/27
UNC at Greensboro Combinatorics on words 2/21
University of Tennessee, Knoxville Various topics 2/20
University of Utah Math Biology 3/15
University of Washington Inverse problems 4/1
University of Wisconsin, Madison Biostatistics (SIBS) 3/5
University of Wisconsin, Madison Computational biostatistics (CBB) 2/15
University of Wyoming Varies 2/28
Valparaiso University Varies 2/22
Virgina Tech Math biology 2/8
Wabash College Abstract algebra, applied math 2/15
Williams College Various topics 2/10
Woods Hole Student Fellowship Oceanography 2/15
Worcester Polytechnic Industrial math and statistics 3/5



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