Travel Requests

University supported travel requires approval. To begin the process, download the



Complete, then print and submit the form. Travel must be approved at least 30 days before occurring.

Always file paperwork on travel that is university related (for insurance purposes), even if no travel support is requested.

Going out of the Country?


“All University employees traveling abroad on University-related official business MUST obtain an international business travel accident and sickness insurance.” See "Insurance" on the International Education and Development Travel website.

Laptops, iPods, PDA's, Etc.

Anyone anticipating international travel needs to be aware of new regulations (Fall ’07) regarding the taking of laptop computers out of the country. Export control regulations have become stricter and are being applied more stringently to higher education. The following checklist is one we advise all international travelers to complete prior to embarkation. If the answer to all of the following questions is ‘Yes,’ and the laptop, components, and software are not designed for use in/with/by satellites or spacecraft or otherwise regulated as a defense article, then the hand-carry, shipment or retransfer of the laptop, components or software qualifies for License Exception TMP:

  • Is the item or software to be hand-carried, shipped or retransferred abroad?
  • Is the item or software to return to the U.S. within 12 months or either being consumed or destroyed abroad?
  • Will the items or software to be hand-carried, shipped, or retransferred be used ONLY either a) as a “tool of trade” to conduct University business or b) for exhibition of demonstration or c) inspection, testing, calibration of repair?
  • If for inspection, calibration or repair, will the item be shipped, retransferred or hand-carried to any country other than: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cambodia, China, Georgia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Libya, Macau, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan or Vietnam?
  • Will the item or software remain under the “effective control” of University personnel while the property is abroad?
  • Note: “Effective Control” is defined as retaining physical possession of the item or maintaining it in a secure environment such as a guarded facility.
  • Is the encryption code incorporated in the item or on the software media limited to that available through retail purchase (phone order, mail, internet, or over-the-counter transactions)?

Note: If you have any questions about whether your transportation of a laptop might be at risk, Dean Edelma Huntley of the Graduate School has been designated Export Control Information Officer and probably can assist you.


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