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 MAT 0010Elementary AlgebraKaufman7Brooks Cole978053440041520032003 Fall
 MAT 0010Mathematics Yes You Can!Kitchens Character Development Group978189205652820092009 Fall
 MAT 1010Heart of Mathematics: A Invitation to Effective TeachingBurger4Wiley978111815659920122013 Spring
 MAT 1020Explorations in College Algebra "Custom"Klime5Wiley978111929981320162016 Fall
 MAT 1025Functions Modeling Change: A Preparation for CalculusConnally5Wiley-special ISBN# for ASU students only at ASU bookstore978111917311320152015 Fall
 MAT 1030Networked Business Math (CD)Felkel-Richardson 3Kendall Hunt978075756754420092002 Fall
 MAT 1035Business Math with Calculus "Custom"Various Pearson978132333317420162016 Fall
 MAT 1110Calculus:Single VariableHughes-Hallet6Wiley978047088853720122013 Fall
 MAT 1120Calculus:Single VariableHughes-Hallet6Wiley978047088853720122013 Fall
 MAT 2030Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics for Elementary School TeachersBillstein12Pearson978032198729720162016 Fall
 MAT 2030TI-15 Calculator   D&H Distributing281000061060B  
 MAT 2030Manipulative Kit   281000061058B  
 MAT 2130Multivariable Calculus Tan 1Brooks Cole978053446575920092010 Fall
 MAT 2240Linear Algebra & Its' ApplicationsLay4Pearson978032138517820122013 Spring
 MAT 2310 Numerical Mathematics & ComputingCheney & Kincaid7Cengage978113310371420162015 Fall
 MAT 2515 HonorsSecret Codes: Making & Breaking from Ancient to PresentKlima ASU Bookstore   
 MAT 3010The History of Mathematics An Introduction   Burton5McGraw-Hill Science 007247140920022003 Spring
 MAT 3010Journey through GeniusDunham Penguin97801401473911991 
 MAT 3015Navigating Through Algebra in Grades 9-12 w/cd romErickson, Lott, Obert1NCTM9780873535021  
 MAT 3015Navigating Through Discrete Mathematics in Grades 6-12 w/cd romHart, Kenney, DeBellis1NCTM9780873535861  
 MAT 3030Elementary and Middle School MathematicsVan deWalle8Allyn & Bacon978013261226520122012 Fall
 MAT 3030"Making Sense" Teaching & Learning Mathematics with UnderstandingHiebert, Fuson, Wearne & Murray Heinemann0435071327  
 MAT 3110Contemporary Abstract AlgebraGallian8Cengage978113359970820132013 Fall
 MAT 3130Differential EquationsBlanchard4Cengage978049556198920112015 1st summer
 MAT 3220A Friendly Introduction to Analysis:  Single and MultivariableKosmala2Prentice Hall978013045796720032004 Spring
 MAT 3310A Course in Mathematical ModelingMooney1MAA978088385712019992016 Fall
 MAT 3330Mathematical Interest TheoryDaniel1Prentice Hall978013147285320062007 Fall
 MAT 3340Models for Quantifying RiskCamilli6Actex978162542347420142016 Spring
 MAT 3350Mathematical Models in BiologyRhodes Cambridge University Press97805215258622003 
 MAT 3510Course PackKlima ASU Math Dept.   
 MAT 3510Mathletics: How Gamblers & Sports Enthusiasts use MathWinston Princeton University Press97806911545892012 
 MAT 3520Elementary Algebra w/cdKaufman7Kaufman978053440041520032003 Fall
 MAT 3520Mathematics Yes You Can!Kitchens Character Development Group978189205652820092009 Fall
 MAT 3610The Geometric ViewpointSibley Addison Wesley978020187450119972000 Spring
 MAT 3610Roads To GeometryWallace, West3Prentice Hall978013041396320032004 Fall
 MAT 3910Principles & Standards for School MathematicsNCTM NCTM978087353480220002002 Spring
 MAT 3920Principles & Standards for School MathematicsNCTM  NCTM9780873534802  
 MAT 4010Applied CombinatoricsRoberts and Tesman2Prentice Hall01307960342003 
 MAT 4010Applied CombinatoricsTucker6Wiley97804704583892012 
 MAT 4010Galois TheoryRotman2Springer97803879854112001 
 MAT 4010Statistical Computing with RRizzo, Chapman & Hall1Chapman and Hall/CRC15848854592007 
 MAT 4010Representation Theory of FinanceSteinberg Springer9781461407751  
 MAT 4010Abstract AlgebraDummit Wiley9780471433347  
 MAT 4010Complex Analysis: A First Course with ApplicationsZill & Shanahan  9781449694616  
 MAT 4015Empowering the Beginning Teacher of Mathematics in High SchoolChappell NCTM978087353561820042002 Spring
 MAT 4015Principles & Standards for School MathematicsNCTM NCTM9780873534802  
 MAT 4040LaTex: A Document Preparation SystemLamport2 Reference ManualAddison Wesley9780201529838 2012 Spring
 MAT 4140Differential Geometry & Its' ApplicationsOprea2MAA9780883857489 2012 Spring
 MAT 4220A Friendly Introduction to Analysis:  Single and MultivariableKosmala2Prentice Hall013045796520032004 Spring
 MAT 4310Numerical Mathematics & ComputingCheney7Cengage978113310371420122015 Fall
 MAT 4330Derivatives MarketsMcDonald3Prentice Hall97803215430802012 2016 Spring
 MAT 4420Nonlinear Dynamics & ChaosStrogatz1Westview978073820453620012012 Fall
 MAT 4560Applied Mathematics Logan3Wiley-Interscience047174662220062007 Fall
 MAT 4570An Introduction To Dynamical Systems RobinsonUS edPrentice Hall013143140420042006 Spring
 MAT 4580Partial & Differential Equations for Scientists & EngineersFarlow Dover9780486676203  2011 Spring
 MAT 4580An Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of WavesKnobel American Mathematical Society9780821820391 2011 Spring
 MAT 4590Differential Equations with ApplicationsRitger & Rose   9780486411545  
 MAT 4710Topology Munkres2Prentice Hall013181629220002004 Fall
 MAT 4720Abstract AlgebraDummit & Foote 3Wiley047143334920032010 Fall
 MAT 4910Symmetry, Shape & SpaceKinsey1Key College978193019009220062005 Fall
 MAT 4930Navigating Through Probability in Grades 6-8Bright NCTM087353523520032008 Spring
 MAT 4930Navigating Through Data Analysis in Grades 6-8Bright NCTM087353547220032008 Spring
 MAT 4930Data Analysis & ProbabilityPerkowski Pearson9780131449220 2013 Spring
 MAT 5160Complex AnalysisGamelin 978038795069301390787462001 
 MAT 5160Complex Analysis: A First Course with ApplicationsZill & Shanahan 3 Jones & Bartlett9781449694616 2013 
 MAT 5210Abstract AlgebraDummit & Foote3Wiley04714333492003 
 MAT 5220Abstract AlgebraDummit & Foote3Wiley04714333492002 
 MAT 5310Numerical Analysis 2ITP Duxbury Press0 534 33892 51996 
 MAT 5330A Course in Mathematical ModelingMooney & Swift  9780883857120  
 MAT 5330Elements of Mathematical EcologyKot1Cambridge Univ Press0 521 0015012001 
 MAT 5330Mathematical Models in the Applied SciencesFowler Cambridge University Press97805214670321997 
 MAT 5330How To Model It Problem Solving for the Computer AgeStarfield & Smith  9780808779704  
 MAT 5340Introduction to Operations ResearchHillier9McGraw Hill9780071267670  
 MAT 5340Operations Research Applications & Algorithms with CD-Rom and Info TracWinston4Duxbury0 534 38058 12004 
 MAT 5370Applied MathematicsLogan2John Wiley & Sons0 471 16513 11997 
 MAT 5380Partial Differential Equations for Scientists & EngineersFarlow Dover9780486676203  
 Mat 5380An Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of WavesKnobel American Mathematical Society9780821820391  
 MAT 5530Computability TheoryWeber  9780821873922  
 MAT 5530Applied CombinatoricsRoberts and Tesman2Prentice Hall0130796034  
 MAT 5530Statistical Computing with RRizzo, Chapman & Hall1Chapman & Hall/CRC1584885459  
 MAT 5530Applied CombinatoricsTucker6Wiley97804704583892012 
 MAT 5530Differential Geometry & Its ApplicationsOprea MAA97808838574892007 
 MAT 5540Introduction to the History of Mathematics 6 0 03 029588 01990 
 MAT 5590Differential Equations with ApplicationsRitger & Rose  9780486411545  
 MAT 5610A Friendly Introduction to Analysis:  Single and MultivariableKosmala2Prentice Hall97801304579672003 
 MAT 5610Introduction to Real AnalysisBauldry  9780470371367  
 MAT 5620A Friendly Introduction to Analysis:  Single and Multivariable Kosmala2Prentice Hall97801304579672012 
 MAT 5620Calculus Vol 2Apostol2Wiley97804710000751969 
 MAT 5620Introduction to Real AnalysisBauldry Wiley97804703713672009 
 MAT 5710Introduction to TopologyMendelson3Dover Publications0 486 66352 3 1990 
 MAT 5710TopologyMunkres2Prentice Hall0 13 181629 22000 
 MAT 5910Teaching & Learning Mathematics: Translating Research for Secondary Teachers Lobato NCTM9780873536530  
 MAT 5910Using Research to Improve InstructionKarp & McDuffie NCTM9780873537612  
 MAT 5910More lessons Learned from ResearchSilver NCTM97808735368752015 
 MAT 5910Classics in Math Ed ResearchCarpenter2004NCTM9780873535656  
 MAT 5910Teachers Engaged in ResearchVan Zoest2006Information Age Publishing9781593115012  
 MAT 5910Jr for Research in Mathematics Education Monograph #3 & #4  NCTM0883 95301990 
 MAT 5920Elementary Linear Algebra  John Wiley & Sons 1981 
 MAT 5921Elementary Linear Algebra  John Wiley & Sons 1981 
 MAT 5930Introduction to Real Analysis: An Educational ApproachBauldry1John Wiley & Sons978-04703713672009 
 MAT 5935Navigating Through Probability in Grades 6-8Bright NCTM08735352352003 
 MAT 5935Navigating Through Data AnalysisBright NCTM08735354722003 
 MAT 5935Data Analysis & ProbabilityPerkowski Prentice Hall Pearson9780131449220 2006 
 MAT 5941Chaos Fractals & Dynamics: Computer Experiments in Math.  Addison Wesley0 201 23288 X1990 
 MAT 5941Computer Tools & Problem Solving in Math. (Using Technology in the Classroom Series)  Franklin Beedle & Assoc0 938661 36 11992 
 MAT 5950Does This Line Ever Move? Everyday Applications of Operations ResearchChelst & Edwards  Key Curriculum 9781559536738 2005 
 MAT 5965Geometry for TeachersCollier3Waveland Press0 881 33757 91994 
 STT 1805Statistical Reasoning for Everyday LifeBennett4 Pearson9780321817624 20132016 Spring
 STT 1810Mind on StatisticsUtts/Heckard5Cengage978128546318620142016 Spring
 STT 2810Stats: Data and ModelsDeVeaux 4Pearson978032198649820142015 Fall
 STT 2810Myststlab Access CodeDeVeaux Pearson9781323332450 2016 
 STT 2820Introduction To The Practice of StatisticsMoore6W.H.Freeman978142921623420072009 Fall
 STT 2820Introduction to Statistical InvestigationsTintle & Chance Wiley 9781118956670  
 STT 3250Probability & Statistical InferenceHogg9Pearson978032192327120132015 Fall
 STT 3500Intro to Statistical LearningJames Springer978146147137020132015 Spring
 STT 3530The Lady Tasting TeaSalsburg Holt & Co.9780805071344  
 STT 3530RegressionFahrmeir Springer9783642343322  
 STT 3820Stats: Data and ModelsDeVeaux4Pearson9780321986498 2015 Fall
 STT 3820Mystatlab Access CodeDeVeaux Pearson9781323332450 2016 
 STT 3830A Second Course in Statistics: Regression AnalysisMendenhall/ Sincich6Prentice Hall978013022323420032004 Fall
 STT 3840Sampling:  Design and AnalysisLohr Brooks Cole0 534 35361 419992002 Fall
 STT 3840Survey MethodologyGroves2 978047046546220092012 Spring
 STT 3850Probability and Statistics with RUgarte, Militino & Arnholt 1Chapman & Hall/CRC978158488891820082010 Fall
 STT 3850Mathematical StatisticsChihara Wiley9781118029855 2011 2013 Spring
 STT 3851Probability and Statistics with RUgarte, Militino & Arnholt1Chapman & Hall/CRC978158488891820082010 Fall
 STT 3851More Math Into LaTexGratzer4Springer978038732289620072011 Spring
 STT 3851Intro to Statistical Learning with Applications in "R"James & Witten  Springer9781461471370 20132015 Spring
 STT 4250First Course in ProbabilityRoss5Prentice Hall0 13 746314 619981998 Fall
 STT 4810Minitab Data Analysis Software Primer  Addison Wesley0 201 39715 31998 
 STT 4820First Course in Design & Analysis of ExperimentsOehlert Freeman Press0 7167 3510 520002001 Fall
 STT 4830Applied Linear Regression Models and Applied Statistical Regression ModelsNeter4McGraw Hill0 25 611736 519962001 Spring
 STT 4840Introduction to Time Series Analysis & Forecasting Montgomery, Jennings & Kulahci  1 Wiley 0471653977 20082010 Fall 
 STT 4860Modern Mathematical Statistics with ApplicationsDevore & Berk2Springer978146140390620112012 Fall
 STT 4865Modern Mathematical Statistics with ApplicationsDevore & Berk2Springer978146140390620112012 Fall
 STT 4870The Signal and the NoiseSilver Penguin9780143125082  
 STT 4870The Lady Tasting Tea: How Statistics Revolutionized Science in the 20th CenturySalsburg Holt Paperbacks97808050713442002 
 STT 4870How to Lie with StatisticsHuff WW Norton & Co.0 393 331072 81993 
 STT 4870The Practice of Statistics: Putting the Pieces TogetherSpurrier Duxbury0 534 36490 X2000 
 STT 5860Modern Mathematical Statistics with ApplicationsDevore & Berk2Springer978146140390620112012 Fall
 STT 5865Modern Mathematical Statistics with ApplicationsDevore & Berk2Springer978146140390620112012 Fall



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