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TeX Live:

Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN):

Conference Posters with LaTeX:

An ASU Poster theme for Beamer. 

  • Download beamerthemeASU.sty. Unzip and put the style file in the folder with your poster's LaTeX file.
  • Download the ASU logo from University Communications Virtual Toolbox (requires ASU login). 
    Choose "CMYK (White and Gold)"; the file is "ASUbird_logo_whiteandgoldbird_address_CMYK.eps"
    Rename the file to "ASU_logo.eps" and put it in the folder with your beamerthemeASU.sty. (pdfLaTeX will automatically generate a pdf version of the logo.)
  • Sample Poster template (Unzip, add the 'sty' and logo files, then run LaTeX.)
  • View sample posters from the template:
  • View a conference poster presented at INFORMS, 3/2012, made with the ASU theme.

Small Business Card with Embedded QR Code vCard

  • A LaTeX template for a small business card that contains a QR code image for a vCard
  • A sample card made with the template
  • Many pdf display programs dither the image making it look fuzzy; use Adobe Reader to avoid dithering

Documents and Help:

Using LaTeX in your own web pages:

  • Math Sciences MathJax page (for mathsci2 hosted web pages)
  • Note: MathJax doesn't work in AsULearn, ASU's Drupal implementation. (There are several methods for incorporating LaTeX in Drupal, but ASU hasn't implemented any of them. Test: \[x^2\].)

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