Quantitative Literacy

Mathematical Sciences and Quantitative Literacy

The Department of Mathematical Sciences takes the leading role in providing Appalachian's students with educational opportunities in quantitative literacy.

Mathematical Sciences' QL Designated Courses

  • MAT 1010. Introduction to Mathematics (4).
  • MAT 1020. College Algebra with Applications (4).
  • MAT 1025. Algebra and Elementary Functions (4).
  • MAT 1030. Calculus with Business Applications (4).
  • MAT 1110. Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (4).
  • STT 1810. Basic Statistics (3).
  • STT 2810. Introduction to Statistics (3).
  • STT 2820. Reasoning with Statistics (4).
  • STT 3820. Statistical Methods I (3).

General Education's QL Student Outcomes Codes

  Student Outcome 1B.
Successfully integrate disparate concepts and information when interpreting, solving problems, evaluating, creating, and making decisions
  Student Outcome 1D.
Construct persuasive arguments in increasingly complex contexts
  Student Outcome 2F.
Know, apply, and communicate collegeā€level quantitative concepts and methods
  Student Outcome 2G.
Select and use hardware, software applications, databases, and other technologies effectively for both inquiry and communication
  Student Outcome 4C.
Collaborate effectively with others in shared processes of inquiry and problem solving

Sample Assignments for QL Assessment

The assignments attached below have been used for assessment in QL designated courses. See QL Outcomes and Program Assessment from the General Education website for more information. (See the tutorial on using AsULearn for QL assessment assignments.)

File attachmentTypeSize
MAT 1025 QL Project (WCB) - Arctic Sea Ice ExtentPDF719.33 KB
MAT 1110 QL Project (WCB) - Space Shuttle G Forces PDF287.46 KB
MAT 1110 QL Project (KLS) - Logistic Population ModelingPDF1008.01 KB
MAT 1110 QL Project (PES) - Population Modeling.pdfPDF109.76 KB
MAT 1110 QL Project (PES) - Population Modeling.pdf.tex_.txtText2.42 KB


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