Kincaid, Jason

Industry Sector: 
Skyline Telephone
Central Office Engineer
  • Undergraduate Institution: Appalachian State University
  • Position: Central Office Engineer
  • Company: Skyline Telephone
  • Industry Sector: Utilities
  • Date Submitted: 5/04


What he does:

  • Immediately after graduation Jason began working for Sprint where he held various positions: Budgets and Results Supervisor, Regional Systems Administrator, Technical Assistance Center Engineer, and Network Engineer. He recently moved to Skyline Telephone, where he holds the position of Central Office Engineer.

Math on the job:

  • Jason says that, "developing and improving analytical skills would help in almost any career path. But it has especially helped me in designing and maintaining networks."


  • He has a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics with a concentration in physics and a minor in statistics.
  • His favorite mathematical experiences at ASU were the math club and participating twice in the modeling contest over a weekend. He also enjoyed taking the honors seminar classes where the classes were less formal and the content was both challenging and usually very different than anything he had encountered previously.

Advice for students:

  • Jason says that, "If I were to revisit my undergraduate program, I would take more theory courses along with my applied mathematics and statistics courses. So my advice would be to try and make your program as well rounded as possible because now I see how the course work relates."


Mathematical Sciences
342 Walker Hall
121 Bodenheimer Dr
Boone, NC 28608
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Department Chairperson
Dr. Eric Marland

Assistant Chairperson
Dr. Rick Klima


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