The purpose of the concentration is to give the students documented experience in a field. Concentrations can be quite creative. A list of sample concentrations follows; students are not obligated to choose one from the list. Customized concentrations are acceptable. For example, students have previously chosen "technical writing and design" and "technical Spanish translation." Some majors also allow for a concentration within the mathematical sciences.

There is only one restriction:

  • Concentrations and the specific courses, MUST be approved by a department advisor and the department chair.
Sample Concentrations Courses
Business or Pre-MBA ECO2030, ACC1100, MGT3010, MKT3050, FIR3010 or 3680.
at least 3 additional hours from { ECO2040, ECO2100, ACC2110, FIR2150 }

Note: The completion of these courses plus BUS 1050 and CIS 1025 would result in a minor in business. ***See note below.
Computer Science For applied majors: CS 1100, CS 2450, CS 3460 + additional hours of CS to total at least 18 (note: CS 1410 is not acceptable)

For general majors: CS 1100, CS 1440, CS 2440, CS 3460 + additional hours of CS to total at least 18 (note: CS 1410 is not acceptable)
Computer Information Systems CIS 1025, CIS 2990, CIS 3250, CIS 3370 + eight more hours of CIS including six hours from {CIS 3010, CIS 3390, CIS 3530-3549, CIS 3750, CIS 4530-4549, CIS 4580, CIS 4590, CIS 4790, CIS 4810, CIS 4850}. Completion of this concentration will result in a minor in CIS. ***See note below.
Actuarial Science ACC1100, ECO2030 or 2040, FIN3010 or 3680, FIN3071.
Two additional courses from { FIN3072, FIN3073, FIN3074, FIN4570 } ***See note below.
Physics PHY1150, PHY1151.
Eight additional hours of approved physics courses numbered above 2000.
Digital Electronics TEC2023, TEC3043, TEC3533, PHY3630.
One additional course from { TEC3033, TEC4023, TEC3543 }
Economics ECO2030, ECO2040, ECO4710, ECO4740, ECO4750.
Three additional hours approved electives.
Psychology Three of { PSY1200, 3661, 3662, 4660 }.
Nine additional hours of approved psychology courses.
Geology GHY1101, GHY1102 OR 1103, GHY2007, GHY2015, GHY2024.
Six additional hours of approved geology courses - recommended:
GHY2070, GHY2085, GHY2120, GHY3015, GHY3200, GHY3240, GHY3260, GHY3300, GHY4020
Chemistry CHE1101, CHE1102.
Ten additional hours of approved chemistry courses - recommended: CHE3301
Criminal Justice CJ1100, CJ3115, CJ4670.
Nine additional hours of approved criminal justice courses.
Geography GHY1010, GHY3210, GHY4800.
Nine additional hours of approved geography courses.
Sociology SOC1000, SOC3885, SOC4885.
Nine additional hours of approved sociology courses.
English Choose eighteen hours from:
{ ENG3100, ENG3300, ENG3400, ENG3610, ENG3720, ENG3740, ENG4610, ENG4660, ENG4670 }


*** Students planning on taking courses in the College of Business please note:

  1. For classes at the 3000 level, students must have at least 60 earned hours and at least a 2.0 GPA.
  2. Students may take up to five 3000/4000 level classes.
  3. Students must have senior standing 4000 level courses along with the 2.0 GPA requirement.


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